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YEM Antivirus

  • YEM Security will bring you the best in cloud antivirus this means your protection travels with your device. Constant updates as you’re connected, and latest definitions stay active if you’re offline.
  • Managed by YEM. We install, update, test, and monitor your protection for you. No random alerts requesting you to take action, and runs seamlessly in the background.
  • Licensing is handled. We offer 1 year or monthly licensing; we will notify you when it’s time to renew.
  • Standardization of product. No more difference in programs, versions, licenses, or coverage. You can ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Reporting. Reports will be generated monthly, daily, and weekly and will give your insight to your network traffic and security status.
  • Portal access for Admins. Login and verify your devices are receiving the proper updates, and audit your licenses.

YEM Backup

    • Monitored: Your backup is monitored daily to ensure they are successful every day.
    • Offsite: Cloud backup ensures that if disaster strikes that your data and local backups can be restored.
    • Automatic: Backups should just happen, without you juggling many hard drives. We can choose your schedule, and we will verify they are complete.
    • Tested: We test your files to make sure that even if they have to sit for an extended period of time, that when they need to be restored they are how you left them.
    • Secure: Backups are encrypted with high level encryption that holds up to all compliances.


YEM Monitoring

  • Patch management. We control all your devices updates and schedule them to run at the best time for your business. This ensures all your devices have the latest and necessary updates issued from your vendors.
  • Asset management. Track your machine type, model, and serial number. This helps in seeing what devices you have on your network, keep warranties active, and ensure proper device information reported.
  • Maintenance. Scheduled maintenance on all your devices. We can do minor actions to run after hours daily, weekly, or nightly. Or major actions to deep clean devices after a long weeks work. These happen over the weekend or after hours.
  • Automation. When you call for support we will have your information in one place streamlining our ability to serve, and close tickets faster.
  • Cloud based. All these features stay with you wherever you go and have internet.
  • Remote connectivity to devices. We can remotely login to your PCs using a secure connection, during boot for advanced troubleshooting, take over in view only mode, and access the command line to adjustments without disrupting your work.
  • Portal access Admins. Receive your own login to your portal to manage your devices, view open tickets, and check on past tickets. It’s your own knowledge base for you network.